The North Port Chorale, Inc. is a non-profit organization of volunteer singers dedicated to performing high quality

choral music. The organization is committed to providing opportunities for participation, growth, fellowship and

fun to its members, and standards of excellence in rehearsal and performance. The Chorale seeks to inspire in

its members and audience a greater love of music and community by providing wholesome musical

entertainment and being an integral and active part of the cultural life of North Port and the South County area.


The North Port Chorale began when Bruce Robinson, the first director and organizer, founded the Chorale on

February 27, 1980. The Chorale took a major step toward organization in 1982, with the election of officers,

recruited from the membership. Performances were held in a variety of venues, including the Port Charlotte

Cultural Center.


Chorale directorship changed in 1986, when Marion and William Pinkow took over the duties.

Membership continued to grow, and the Chorale's reputation for excellent performances also grew.

In 1998, former concert pianist, accompanist and voice coach, Patricia Prentzel was named director and brought

a new emphasis on professionalism to the Chorale. In 2001, the state of the art North Port Performing Arts

Center became the Chorale's permanent performance venue.


After a fourteen year term as the Chorale director, Pat Prentzel retired in 2012, and Jeffrey Herbert

was named the Chorale's new director with the 2012-2013 season.